Walter Reiter

Baroque violin

When Anna, a talented cellist, left her volatile husband, Alessandro, he stole the one thing that mattered to her: her nine-year-old son, Alan. For ten years Anna had no contact with Alan, as Alessandro’s hatred and lies poisoned the boy against her. Alan grew up thinking his mother had abandoned him. At nineteen he’s unusually jaded, but he doesn’t understand why.

The unexpected discovery of a family secret inspires Anna’s second husband and great love, Aaron, to attempt to reignite the tender relationship Anna and Alan once shared. But Aaron’s plan seems suspect because it’s ultimately based on deceit. He poses as a therapist and infiltrates Alan’s deepest feelings about his mother and his parents’ divorce. As Alan opens up to Aaron, he doesn’t realize he’s confessing his true emotions to a man he hates. Is Aaron’s plan justified? Will his risk pay off in the healing of old wounds or only drive Alan and Anna further apart?

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Healing by Deceit, the Story of Alan Palladino

5.0 out of 5 stars

Format:Kindle Edition
I was moved greatly by this tale of a mother's unwavering love for her son. The writing is very personal and direct - a style that makes you feel so close to the story and its characters. I found the actions of Aaron, bereft mother Anna's new husband, to be incredibly touching and so full of love and generosity; his was perhaps the most inspiring character in the book for me. Healing by Deceit had me reading late into the night to find out what would happen to Anna and her son, and pondering big questions about life, family, and what it means to love someone truly and unconditionally. A wonderful read.